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Site Analysis & Selection

Our Demographics Research capabilities allow us to identify and verify if a property caters to your target market. There’s no “dart board” required when determining the location that is best for your needs. Our Site Analysis & Selection process also includes the identification of potential growth areas that may suit your future needs.

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Tenant Representation

Once a lease property has been identified as one that meets your needs, we negotiate with Landlords and Landlord Representatives directly on your behalf to minimize your costs over the term of the lease and future renewals to further insure that we achieve the goal of offering our clients at or below market lease terms from day one.

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Buyer Representation

For those clients who have reached the point in their Commercial Real Estate adventure in which they are ready to own Investment Property or own a working Office/Retail/Warehouse space. Once the property has been identified, we negotiate directly with the Sellers or Seller’s Designated Agent to finalize and optimize Purchase Terms for our clients.

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Landlord Representation

This service is typically reserved for TP clients who have purchased investment property and would like to continue working with us on an ongoing basis. We help these clients lease vacant space in property they currently own. Clearly the best way to add value to your investment property is to continue working towards a stronger mix of tenants who are willing to pay optimal market rates and we help achieve that goal.

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Seller Representation

There are a variety of factors that help determine when it is the best time to sell your Real Estate investment. Whether it’s market conditions, tax advantages, target price alignment, alternative investments goals, or simply that investment goals have been achieved with a property, we help you determine when to sell, how to best market the property, and how to maximize the sale price with confidence.

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Property Management

Triland Property Commercial prides itself on maintaining relationships with a small group of like-minded landlords. You will never hear us boast of 5 million+ sf under management, nor name drop any of the larger institutional investors as our clients. That is simply not our model, nor is it our aspiration as we clearly understand that more properties under management can mean less attention per property. Rather than assign a number to a long list of properties and landlords, we prefer to place the emphasis on the numbers associated with the properties we manage. Our attention to detail and emphasis on cost reduction and increasing a property’s average lease rate typically translates into a greater net operating income and ROI for our clients. A greater return for our landlords means a longer lasting relationship for Triland.

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Asset Management

Triland Property offers Asset Management services for clients with portfolios of $20M+. The focus is on the longer-term, strategic big picture of maximizing the value of each investment property and realizing the highest return on investment (ROI) for the owner. By keeping our pulse on the latest real estate trends and research, and staying abreast of macro-economic, political, and financial trends, we help an investor’s portfolio grow and ensure each investment property meets and exceeds its fair market value while mitigating any potential risks.

Our strategic asset management services include, but are not limited to:
• Providing a comprehensive, high-level view of your asset portfolio
• Providing strategic asset positioning in the market
• Managing debt and equity placement and exit strategies
• Providing ownership-level review and problem resolution
• Engaging and overseeing property management and leasing professionals
• Providing investment and financial oversight
• Timely and insightful reporting to owners and investors

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Commercial Development

Triland Property through affiliate opportunities takes the site selection process to another level. Some locations can be the exact fit for a client, but however might be more than they need. This is where the team undertakes the process to entitle the full project, determine utility availability, acquire easements and appropriately work on design of the overall site. While taking into account what a client desires on their own particular site, targeted complementary uses are engaged to realize the success of the overall project and clients.

Residential Development - Website

Residential Development

With a keen eye on the need for additional housing needs in growing markets, the Triland Property team works with landowners, brokers, local municipalities and builders to fulfill that gap. Our services can range from taking raw land through the initial planning phase to full entitlements or anything in between. Property exploration and site planning allow the team to best position the project towards what the local real estate housing market needs and who the appropriate builder for the neighborhood would be. Varying market conditions sometimes results in surplus developed lots. We have experience in working with developers and builders to bring buyers (private or other builders) that are looking very additional homesites while continuing to keep the harmonious qualities of the neighborhood.


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